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My name is Silvia. I am 21 year old with a hot body. Imagine a tall busty woman with enchanting legs and curves to match. I adore men, and they cherish me, and I am not hesitant to show that, I am exceptionally spontaneous. I always have a longing to satisfy the man I am with, to keep him every happy and longing for more. I am exceptionally passionate and sentimental and there is an exotically feminine side to me which makes me irresistible. My fun loving nature, easygoing attitude and ladylike sensibilities are some of my incredible qualities that most people appreciate.

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Silvia is the choice of all this year. She is the season that everyone will love. Silvia has a set of eyes that will knock you off your feet. There is almost a sound that you can here when she hits you with that stare.

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“There is an unspoken promise in all that she does and there is a night among your dreams ahead for you. She may be one of the most adorable girls that you will ever see and the only way that you will see her is to pick up that phone. There is a tension in the air as she waits for your call because she knows and you know that it is going to happen soon. ”


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“There are those who think that ‘Silvia’ is a fair weather season,” she explains. “Just like there are people who are fair weather friends. But Silvia can be hot or it can be rainy. It can be sunny or it can be cloudy. Every Silvia is different, and all people are different. I try to keep that in mind when I meet someone new. I want to accept people as they are and as they present themselves, if it’s at all possible for me to do so. That’s because when you come right down to it, the gift of being with other people is the only gift we have to give each other. We must all learn to get along. People have a tendency to be really great together if they can just get past their hang-ups. That’s why when two people adore each other, really connect with each other, it seems like there’s nothing they can’t do… and nothing they won’t do for one another. I think that’s really sweet and I hope one day to make that kind of connection for myself.” Silvia also explains that her hot body has gotten her into more than few interesting situations. “People really respond to me,” she says. “When you look like this, they could hardly ignore you, could they? I just like to be who I am. I think one of the advantages of being incredibly sexy is that people are willing to give you a little more patience, a little more indulgence than they otherwise might. Maybe that’s unfair. I suppose it is. But it’s an advantage that I’ve always taken full advantage of. I think we all have to make use of what talents we have, and one of mine is that I’m very attractive. That’s just me. I think we have all known someone like that. We all have that friend we consider the life of the party, somebody who just kind of brings this infectious energy into the room with them. They’re funny, and outgoing, and witty, and they tend to bring out the best in everybody else”

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Silvia complete understands, too, that different people like different things. “I certainly don’t hold it against anyone,” she says, “if I come across a little strong and they don’t know if they’re ready for that. A high-energy girl or escort like me isn’t for everyone. But when a man is willing to take the plunge, when he’s got the courage to take me on, he’s going to have a night like none he’s ever had before. We’re going to build some truly remarkable memories, and before we’re done, he’s going to remember my name and my face. And of course there may be some other body parts he remembers. It’s always fun to see what kind of connection develops. That’s what I like about escorting.”

Maybe you require discreet visiting outcalls, VIP dates or fantasy escort companion. My special services are available for classy gentlemen, ladies and couples. But a high energy person isn’t for everyone, especially romantically. There are guys who couldn’t handle the kind of vivacious approach I have to life.


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“I’m a very passionate person,” she explains. “I love to embrace life with everything I’ve got. I’m very high energy. That isn’t something that everybody responds to. It’s not because being high energy isn’t fun for everybody.”

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Silvia is providential and she is perfect. Just give us a call and you will see what we mean. She is from France, but has made her home here and there is no way that she will ever go back. She has fully encompassed all that is Lisbon and at the same time, she has kept the best that is French.